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Smile Direct Club First Impression

My Journey with Smile Direct Club - Part 2 - First Impression

Hello guys so as some of you might know I decided to go on a journey to a better, healthier and brighter smile with Smile Direct Club (SDC), and if you haven’t heard of them or the only thing you’ve seen is their commercials on TV, you are missing out. I explained the reason why I wanted to go on the journey with them on my previous post which you can read here. So as you can realize now, this is a follow up with the next step of my journey.

To start, after I made my impressions, SDC sent me an email letting me know that my alignments would be home in four weeks, but due to demand, my alignments didn't arrive until August instead of July like there were supposed to. SDC was having a lot of problems trying to keep up with orders which delayed my order, but to my surprise on July 12th they emailed me apologizing for the delay and gave me a free set of retainers value at $99. So can I get a “Heck yeah!?


First Impression

So I opened my package which came in a very cute box just like the one I received my impression kit but instead this one had TWO months worth of alignments, meaning there was six pairs of alignments plus a case to keep them safe, some tools, a whitening kit, and some guides to read. When I opened my first-month alignments, I was a bit uneasy; this is because when I had braces, and my dentist took them off I actually had a somewhat invisible retainer like my alignments but instead it was very firm and hard, and my SDC were super soft and fragile. So I was a bit skeptical at first.

First Night

Once I read the guide, and I actually started using them I realize why this pair was soft and fragile, so bear with me. The instructions say to use each pair of alignments for one week except week three which you can wear for two weeks. Each alignment has marks where it tells you which week is which and all sets have different levels of hardness. Week one is the softest because your teeth are getting used to the new change, so by being softer your teeth have more room to adjust. I decided to always start on a Sunday that way I can put them in at night, let them work and noticed the change the next day in the morning. And I don't mean a drastic change of course not, but you can definitely tell where the alignments are doing the work, due to pressure and sensitiveness.

When I tried to put my first alignments in, it was hard because my teeth were already moved from when I did my impressions, It's crazy how fast your teeth can move in a few weeks. So of course when I put them in they didn't completely fit in my teeth perfectly, I had to let them work during the night. The next morning I woke up fine, just with a bit of soreness but not intolerable. I got to say that I was scared due to all the reviews I watched online, so I was already expecting cuts on my gums and tongue lol. But luckily nothing crazy like that happened that night.

Close Up

So from my first post and video I posted for my impressions. A few people have asked me to do a close up of my teeth as I only posted the electronic ones that Smile Direct Club sent to me after I sent my kit. So if you watch the video at the top, you can have a quick close up of my teeth starting week one. But down below are the pictures I sent to Smile Direct Club.


I hope you didn't get goosebumps after those pictures, but I just want to take you on this journey with me, so hopefully, you get the courage and say YES to a better smile. I also joined their Ambassador Program to help more people get started, so if you would like to check it out and get your impressions done, you can get 50% off your Impression Kit by clicking HERE!

So this is it for this post. Don't forget to get social on the gram @sashazavala and Facebook at The Daily Sash and lastly SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel as I will be uploading more videos of my journey there, plus more adventures.

Until the next one,

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