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Updated: Aug 21, 2022


“Let me take you to Rio, Fly on the ocean like an eagle, eagle, Then we can chill in my gazebo, Oh, oh, oh, oh, nah, nah, nah...” - Ester Dean feat. Carlinhos Brown

This song was literally in my head on my way to Depil Brazil Waxing Studios, the salon that has changed my views about waxing and the one I am now so grateful for. But before I tell you why, let me tell you my story.

I am a 25-year-old young Hispanic professional with dark hair. You might ask, why are you telling us this? Well, this single phrase has so many factors for the reason why I’ve never had the thought of getting waxed. As a Hispanic woman, we all know that we tend to be hairier than any other ethnicity, and when I tell you that I am no exception. I am not an exception to this.

Growing up playing sports, I learned that my legs were going to be the center of attention, and at 12, I started shaving my legs. My legs were taken care of at an early age, yet my arms were still a big part of me, which I learned to embrace. Years later, I started doing pageants, which you are probably thinking, “oh, you should have definitely gotten waxed by then.” Well, the answer is still no; I didn't. Instead, my razor and a good “Hair Dye” became my best friends. Yes, I used to color my ARMS for these pageants. Honestly, I didn't mind the process because the result gave me a “golden/bronze” tone at the end, and I still felt like I was ME, embracing who I was.

Once I started blogging, my facial hair became more of a concern to me as I started getting more into beauty and skincare. Most people either go the laser route or the waxing route, yet here I am still neither of these two options. Instead, I’ve been threading my eyebrows and upper lip for years. And the reason why is due to my busy work schedule. It's a quick process, and I can go in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Personally, the reason why I haven't opted in for waxing is that stereotypical phrase of

“Does it hurt?”.


This year for Valentine's Day, I decided to get that catchphrase out of my head and give waxing a try. This year's holiday fell on a weekend, and my boyfriend and I had planned a weekend getaway which means that I didn't have time for shaving. I made my appointment through their app, and I was scheduled to go right before dinner on Friday night.

Once I arrived at the location, the estheticians greeted me so nicely and explained to me how the process was going to work; I think they sensed that I was nervous. I asked them the million-dollar question, and they explained that Depil Brazil offers waxing services and authentic products infused with anti-inflammatory oils from the Amazon forest in Brazil. Their unique wax provides a faster, cleaner & less painful experience for better-looking skin, so I shouldn't be scared.

As we proceeded to the private room, I was so impressed by the cleanliness and chic aesthetics. The esthetician made me feel comfortable while she prepped my skin for the session. We started with my all-time friends, my ARMS. I knew that I had to get this one done right at the beginning to see the change and get it out of my head. Alyssa, my esthetician for the day, let me know that their wax is meant to stick to your hair only and not your skin, which makes the process so much easier and pain-free. Five seconds later, Alyssa was adding this gorgeous, golden, warm wax onto my arm. The Results? I was left with beautiful, smooth arms, without the “Ouch”!

I didn't know that I was a shade lighter underneath all that hair!

Once my arms were all beautiful and clean, we moved on to my legs. She prepped them, and we were done in less than 15 minutes. Honestly, I was so amazed at how easy the whole session was and how professional the estheticians were by explaining every step of the process. But I was more amazed to find out that they offer FREE waxing on your first session! I think it's so great to allow more women like me to try waxing and get rid of that stigma.

Depil Brazil blew my mind in all the right ways. From the easy booking, (which btw they have over 8 locations around the DFW), to the most courteous customer service and professionalism shown during my visit. They truly embodied their vision of boosting their customer’s confidence and to live life to the fullest. I felt so good and ready to go on my dinner date and trip right after my session.




  1. Waxing doesn't HURT as bad as people believe it will. You have to mentally prepare for yourself for the first time, once you’re over that, you’ll be good. It’s actually less painful than threading.

  2. Exfoliation is KEY. It's very important to exfoliate before and AFTER your waxing session. This will prep your skin to get rid of any dead skin and help you prevent any ingrown hairs. Fun fact: Depil Brazil has its own line of skincare products, which I was lucky to try and let me tell you that they are divine!

  3. Before you book your appointment, make sure that your hair in the area that you will be treating is at least 5 millimeters long, enough for you to pinch the hair. This will help the wax stick better for an easy removal.

  4. Waxing does not make your hair come back thicker; it actually helps it become thinner as they remove it from the root. So there's a big probability that the more sessions you have, the less hair you will see coming back. (This can vary as everyone has different body types that can change this).

  5. It can take up to 4 weeks for your hair to come back to the right size to be waxed again, which means that with only one session, you can have beautiful smooth skin for up to 3 weeks or more! How cool is that!

I hope this post helps you combat the fear you may think you have of waxing. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I can't wait to go back for my next session. There's a few ways to book your appointment, head over to to find your nearest location or download their app on IOS or Android. Make sure you follow them on social media at @depilbrazilwaxing for specials, and if you are ever visiting, snap a picture if you got “influenced” and tag me at @sashazavala I would love to know your waxing experience.

*This video was filmed at Depil Brazil Waxing Studios Newest location in Allen, TX.


All first time guest get any wax service of their choice for absolutely free.

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