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Night Time Skin Care Routine: Fall Edition

Updated: Aug 21, 2022




Hey, ya'll! Welcome back to another blog post, a while ago I did an Instagram poll asking if you would be interested in knowing more about my skin care routine. This came up after you guys saw my quick tutorial on how to create a DIY aloe vera facial mask for dry skin, 98% of you guys said YES to my poll right away. So today I bring you my night routine focused on products that will help you clean, hydrate and moisturize your skin while seasons change.

Sadly summer came to an end, and we all know that every time a new season begins, our skin is the one that always takes the toll. Transitions like these can cause our skin to feel dull and look older than its years, and of course, it can speed up acne and even eczema. That is why it's essential to have a good skin care routine, to help your skin relax, hydrate and rejuvenate. If you don't have one, or simply you don't know what steps to take when it comes to your skin, you are in the right place, following I'll describe my easy steps to beautiful and radiant skin.

Step 1: Cleanse Cleansing is the first step to beautiful skin, making sure your skin is makeup and dirt free can help you get rid of many acne problems. Grab your favorite makeup remover wipes or makeup remover cleanser. I typically use my wipes and micellar water together; these two help me get rid of any trace of makeup and the micellar water works as a toner. Lastly, I use my Clarisonic to wash and clean my face right after, as we all know that wipes don't get rid of all of your makeup 100%.

Step 2: Serum or Facial Oil After cleansing, I go ahead and use a serum or facial oil right away. In this step, my pores are open and are ready to be nourished. It is important to select a serum that is for your skin type such as sensitive skin or redness, doing this step is important as it will help you with your skin elasticity and can create faster results with your nighttime routine.

Step 3: Eye Cream I know people have miss conceptions about eye creams, most people believe that only older women should use eye creams as they are more likely to have wrinkles due to years of long sun exposure. But that's wrong; everybody should use eye creams starting at a young age, the earliest we can take care of our skin and fight our future struggles the better. Young women are exposed to even more harmful situations that women before such as tanning beds, and even electronics. I love my current eye cream the VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream has helped my eyes feel more rested and hydrated than ever due to the oxygen that it contains, it has helped my eyes rejuvenate, love it!

Step 4: Moisturize

Most of the time this is the only step women do to take care of their skin, yes its one of the most critical steps but don't believe there's such as thing as "night time" or "daytime" facial creams. As long as a moisturizer has SPF that is as far as something gets to be "daytime". But do not believe that the thicker the cream is, the better as some brands make you think. So make sure that if you are using a moisturizer, it feels nice and lightweight against your skin. Don't get me wrong sometimes we do need to change our daily moisturizer as due to season transition sometimes our skin might need extra moisture.

Step 5: Lip or Spot Treatment

One last step I do is to use a lip treatment or acne spot treatment. Depending of my skin needs. I know some people don't take care of their lips, but we seriously use them so much every day that if we don't consume enough water to keep them hydrated, they need a little bit of more help. That's why I include them in my nighttime routine, so I make sure I'm always watching them to see if they need a mask or simply some balm. Now, when it comes to monthly needs, I usually have an acne spot treatment due to hormones changes which causes my skin, mostly my forehead, to break out so if needed I always use one to get rid of random acne on that particular time of the month.

That concludes this quick post; you can also watch me explain all of this in my video above. Do you have a skin care routine, or is this your first time hearing about it? Let me know all about it in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts and learn about YOUR skincare routine! Make sure you follow me at @sashazavala on the gram & The Daily Sash on facebook for more adventures. Happy Fall and see you next time with a sprinkle of PSL! ( Too extra?... okay Bye! lol )

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