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A Road Trip Down to Texas Tulips


A Road Trip Down To Texas Tulips

In the middle of nowhere in the state of Texas (literally nowhere, no kidding) there is a family business that has brought so much joy (and instagramable moments) to hundreds if not millions of people every year since they established their tulip farm in 2011. But at only one hour away from the city of Dallas, TX this family isn’t new to tulips as for more than 40 years the family has passed the art of cultivating Holland tulips through generations. Yes, you heard me right, the Koeman’s are from the Netherlands and have learned to grow beautiful and one of a kind tulips called "early" tulips as they are able to bloom as early as December. They decided to change course and move to Texas to finally make one of their dreams come true, which was to meet the people who buy their tulips as previously they would only sell them to flower auctions and of course they fell in love with the southern charm.

So as Austin and I kept scrolling through our Instagram feeds one day, we kept seeing an intriguing pattern of flowers, flowers, and more flowers. At first, we thought it was the excitement of spring season and warm weather just coming in, but then we realized that it was something we needed to experience with our own eyes. So as our first anniversary together was fast approaching, Austin decided to take me on a road trip to go pick up my very own anniversary flowers in Pilot Point, Texas. And to say I had a blast picking my own is an understatement. Millions of tulips surrounded us, all with different shapes, colors, and sizes. I never knew there were so many types of tulips. As soon as we arrived, every step we took was an instagramable moment. At the Koeman’s farm, you can pick up as many tulips as you desire for $2.50 each. You can definitely get creative and make the most astonishing bouquets that will have you thinking you could change life careers. We had a wonderful time and made our anniversary even more special. So if you are like us, Texas Tulips is one of the best places to go on a date with your lover and have a one of a kind date during the springtime. Thank you Texas Tulips for having us and if you weren't able to visit them this season make sure you catch them next year as they only open late February through early April or visit their page to keep updated on the exact date they will open next.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you really enjoyed this post. Make sure to follow me on social media at @sashazavala on the gram and The Daily Sash on Facebook to keep up with the latest adventures. Have you been lucky and been a visitor at Texas Tulips? Let me know your experience down in the comments.

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