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Modern Snow White - Winter Outfit


Modern Snow White - Winter Outfit

In the south people go crazy (good crazy), every time we get a snow day... and I didn't fell off the status quo this time because I did too as you can tell. This winter has been one of the coldest I have ever experienced since moving to the US, and although I prefer warm sunny weather instead, winter is so much better due to the fashion. I am a big lover of layering up, and I love a good coat with a pair of good boots, everything else, such as accessories just play a part of the big picture, and today for this look I was playing a modern Snow White, from Once Upon a Time.

For this look thinking on the snow, I wanted something clean and bright, but still adorable and classic such as Snow White. I decided to make this white woolen coat the centerpiece of this outfit, which I actually have had for quite a while and it's been one of my best purchases. To add another contrasting piece, I match the coat to these champagne suede booties that I got this Christmas. I seriously fell in love with them ASAP. It was kind of love at first sight (Disney Magic). To complement the outfit, I pair both of these pieces with some simple dark blue skinny jeans from H&M. I literally wear these all the time, and everybody should have a pair of these babies.

For the accessories, I added this pink + gray plaid blanket scarf. This was also another Christmas gift, and you have no idea how many compliments I've received. It's definitely an eye-catcher and the perfect element to keep you warm (during a cold morning photo shoot lol) and give you a soft touch. To represent THE apple, I added some color to the outfit with this red crossbody from BEBE, which still is not too bright to take away from the whole outfit. To finalize this look, I added one of my latest obsessions, tassel earrings from missguided.


Location: S/O to Henderson State University, this is definitely my most favorite building of them all!

This is it for this quick post; I hope you guys liked my version of a modern Snow White. If you are a fan, let me know down below, and also which one is your favorite princess? Don't forget to follow me on the gram @sashazavala and The Daily Sash on Facebook to keep up with my latest adventures. And lastly,

"You are never too old to be young."




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