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Valentine's Day Gift Guides for HIM + HER 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guides for


If you are a close friend or have been following me on my daily life on @sashazavala, you know that last year I unexpectedly found one of my biggest supporters and the one that has made me smile for almost a year, every single day since I met him. Austin (or Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Texas) has become that "special someone" for me, and he has genuinely honored the title. He is one of those guys you read in books, the one who opens the door for you and kisses your forehead goodnight. One of those who kisses your hand and tells you he loves you while looking into your eyes. And although I am not trying to make a sappy love post, for those little actions and more he has gained my heart entirely. And I know I don't give too much credit, or I talk about him here too much but I guess I can tell him he is now part of (so he better stick with me, right?).

So as one of my favorite holidays is fast approaching, Valentine's Day, Austin and I haven't spent the holiday together just yet, so this year will be our very first, and I am looking forward to that day. I am one that adores to spend time searching for that "special thing" for the "special someone". I just love the whole process, from finding what they like to gathering the materials (if you are DIYing something), to the butterflies you feel when they open your present. And because I know not a lot of people don't have enough time to make something or spend hours finding something for their other half. I decided to put a gift guide for HIM + HER together for this Valentine's Day.

I have carefully looked for every single item in the shop down below, really thinking on what guys and girls would really like and although the girl side was a bit easier than the guys (for obvious reasons). I based my items on the guy's one on things I've noticed Austin loves. And I know there are many Austin's (gentlemen) out there! So if you need some ideas, look on the shops down below and if you have any questions just shoot me a message, especially if you are a guy looking for girl gift. Lastly, I will be posting a "Valentine's Day Date Night Look" soon collaborating with some of my favorite Boss Girl Bloggers, so keep posted for that. Don't forget to follow me on the gram @sashazavala and The Daily Sash on Facebook.

Happy Shopping and Valentine's Day!


Shop Gifts for Her


Shop Gifts for Him


Thanks to @kaceysphotographyllc for this adorable picture of Austin and I. Go check her out if you are in need of a photo shoot with your lover. Based in Arkansas.

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