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2017 Reflections + 2018 Goals


2017 Reflections + 2018 Goals

Y'all, y'all, y'all! Welcome to a new year, 2018. To start, I've got to say that it was a bit hard to actually sit here and write to you guys which is why I am a bit late on this post but the year is just starting so there's still some time to reflect and set some goals for this upcoming year. One of the things that have set me back a bit its memory, I am having a hard time trying to remember what I did a week ago. Now how am I supposed to think on a whole year to actually do reflections, but let me tell you that 2017 was a year full of many ups and downs so I am so happy a New Year is here!


2017 Reflections

Lucky I started The Daily Sash a year and a half ago, I was able to share my very first resolutions or goals ever (how I like to call them instead) for the year of 2017, so now I have something to look back to and check off the list. At first, when I wrote that post (which you can read here) I knew that I didn't want incredibly no archivable goals or a massive list of things just to make myself feel better that I wrote or set a list of resolutions. But instead I only wrote 7 goals for the year, which for some I knew I needed a bit more time but I wrote them anyway. So now looking back at it I am glad I wrote one, and now I'm happy to say that I checked off 4 of my 7 goals in 2017. And the only ones I wasn't able to cross were due to lack of time such as the Train Trip across the US or the French book, but don't worry this year was also full of unexpected travels and many new beginnings that I can not wait to share with you this 2018.

Off the list:

  1. Healthy Smile - For this goal, I actually decided to go ahead and not only see a dentist but to also get on the Smile Direct Club program to get my straight smile back. Also, I jumped on the wagon with Carbon Coco to whiten my brand new smile. (Finals results coming soon).

  2. Flawless Skin - For my skin, I actually decided to try Rodan & Fields products, which I ended up loving, and I signed up for Ipsy where I was able to get many sample/ full-size products to take care of skin. And so far I am a lover of Korean skincare and face masks!

  3. Mr. Rodriguez with B - If you read my 2017 blog, you know that this professor is known to be the toughest teacher in my program where must people make C’s in his class. This class is crucial to past the MBA program, and unless you are a Finance major, you are not likely to get another grade other than a C just because it's super tough. Well, I would like to say that I passed his class and not with C but with a high B, only one point away from an A, quite sad but very exciting anyways.

  4. The Daily Sasha Never Stops - If you are a blogger or have been wanting to be one and started your blog, you know that keeping up with it can be hard, and sometimes we get too busy with real life that actually moving forward gets forgotten. When I started this blog I knew that I didn't only want to share my favorite things, but I wanted to create a community with fellow gals that would love the same things like me, and of course, I wanted to share my voice on things that matter. This year, was the trial year for The Daily Sash, from not knowing if people was going to read it, from trying to figure out how widgets and other programs worked, from keeping up with the trends, from letting my brand talk for itself. This year had taught me so many things that I am happy I never gave up even when I was writing 10-page Finance papers every weekend. That's why I am so excited for what is to come in 2018, and I can't wait for you to see it as well.

Thanks for all the good times 2017:

  • Met my loving and handsome boyfriend

  • I became an aunt for the second time

  • I worked with so many up and coming photographers

  • I traveled to Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis, Dallas

  • I landed my first collaboration and has been a never stopping adventure

  • The Daily Sasha turned 1 year

  • I saw my best friend get ENGAGED and became a Maid of Honor

  • Turned 23

  • Got to watched Lady Gaga in concert


Goals for 2018

So now, what is to come for this new year you may ask? I think we all know that it's hard to see the future, but one thing I can tell you is that this year has already started with many opportunities that I can only go with the flow and enjoy every single minute ( just like this snow day in the south). But don't worry I did set some personal goals, so hopefully, you guys can keep me in check, so this year I vowed to:

  • Be one of those girls that carry a water bottle everywhere she goes. Easy Hydration!

  • Change my diet and incorporate more veggies (this past semester classes made me lazy)

  • Become the best Maid of Honor someone has ever been

  • Pray more and have a brighter outlook

  • Ditch TV and read more books (for fun).

  • Make money goals and put more on savings

  • Find a social group or social cause to volunteer more often

  • Finished what I did not accomplish in my 2017 goals

  • Call my parents more often (distance is not a friend)

  • *Try* to be more of a morning person – and not a crazy night owl

  • Create more videos! Hair tutorial + makeup, coming promise!

  • Clean + organize: donate the things you can live without

  • Put lotion on every day after the shower

  • And lastly, and very important. Love myself just the way I am, every day! (there's only one me).

So there they are, easy but hard to keep up. Thank you so much for reading, I know it was quite a long one this time, but it was a whole year in the recap. Let's make this 2018 awesome! Did you make any resolutions or goals this new year? Share them with me!

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