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Holidays with JORD


Holidays with Jord

Happy Holidays Everyone! It's that time of year again, and I really hoped you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, fantastic food, lots of graces and of course, the Lord. Like most people, this season is my favorite time of year, because I not only get to have a break from school (college girl here), but I get to spend time with my family and friends. I love to do family traditions, and overall I get to have warm and delicious meals every day (again, college girl here in a Mexican household! THANK YOU!). This year I had many reasons to be thankful for, from a flourishing business and brand, an incredible family, all of my reader's support (YOU), a wonderful boyfriend and an excellent education that have opened so many doors and opportunities for me. So this year will be one to remember for sure.

But as I go back to school in a few days to finish this semester I am so honored to be partnering with JORD watches this holiday season. If you know me, you know that I am always on the go on meetings and classes that I don't always have my phone with me at all times, and as a business major, this watch it's classic and an incredible piece for my everyday life. I fell in love with JORD watches at first sight, they are elegant, minimalistic and the wood finish it’s beautiful and unique. I was so lucky to be able to choose my watch, and I couldn’t take off my eyes of this gorgeous green emerald dark sandalwood from their Frankie series. This beauty features sapphire crystal glass and the natural dark sandalwood is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. Definitely a piece that all man and women should have.

If you are looking for a statement piece that can last you a lifetime head over to the JORD website to check all the wonderful watches that they have. Many different styles and colors that you are more likely to find something for you or your special someone. Also until December 22nd you can enter for a coupon code to receive 25% off of your JORD watch, valid until 11: 59 pm. Click here to enter!

NOTE: JORD is having a HUGE #BlackFriday sale! So click HERE to find your statement piece, and be able to get up to $100 off of your purchase on certain watches. HURRY! Available only until 11:59 pm Nov. 24, 2017. Use code: 17FRK12 to get $30 off on this watch that I am wearing. Tag them! #jordwatch #jordwatches #woodwatch

Thank you JORD for this wonderful gift, and I can’t wait to wear it every day this holiday season. And thank YOU, my reader, for all the support and love that you have shown me throughout this journey! So this is it for today, don’t forget to get social with me and add me on your social media at @sashazavala on Instagram and The Daily Sash on Facebook to stay in touch with me and all of my adventures.

Until the next one,


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