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Gratefully Styled: Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


Gratefully Styled: Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Welcome back guys can you believe it's halfway to November already? Time goes so fast that next time we check our calendars, we will be celebrating a whole new year. Oh boy, the thought of that gives me goosebumps, but let's stay where we are and enjoy the rest of the year that we still have because before that even comes around we need to reflect on our lives and this year and celebrate how blessed we are.

First, can we admire how beautiful this cotton field is? I didn't know that only 10 mins away from where I live, farmers grew thousands of sq feet of cotton. I'm not even kidding it was magical to just play in the fields, picking up vines and pretending that it was snow. But I wasn't the only one that came to have fun, quick story.. while me and my friend Hannah (which she did an amazing job taking these pictures) were "working," out of nowhere this 60-pound Pitbull came up to us wanting to play with us. She was so happy that we were there, she was jumping, running and to our surprise she understood commands, so was able to be a nice girl while we worked. It was definitely the highlight of our day. lol

Nevertheless, now that I seat here to write and reflect it is crazy how we are so focused on our lives that we missed beautiful moments every day. Nowadays people are so caught up in unmeaningful things that they don't even enjoy what it was put on earth for us to enjoy. And I know we all are busy, we all work for a better life, we all have our own struggles but if we take 10-20 mins every day to enjoy, to learn, to visit a new place or meet a new person you'll learn many more things about yourself that you never would of. My advice to you is: always be kind, be respectful, enjoy the little things and you'll be happy.



Anyways, going back to this post. I wanted to come to the cotton fields to shoot this outfit for you guys as an “Outfit Inspo for Thanksgiving” and although it was a sunny day in Arkansas we still had some cool wind blowing in which made me thought of this plaid poncho I got a few weeks ago. I've seen many girls with ponchos this season, and I think they are great especially if you live in zones where temperatures are low. Ponchos are great because is a way to not leave your house without your blanket, let's be honest that's what ponchos really are, except that they are definitely more stylish.



I paired this look with a simple white long sleeve tee and my favorite dark jeans as well as my favorite gray wedges which they match the color and details of the poncho perfectly. I added a bold waist belt to the look that I acquired from my mom's closet a long time ago. Idk how she managed to be so fit guys but can you believe that her hips were my waist? Anyways make sure to put it in your purse that way you don't leave it at your "Aunt's" house because you know you'll never see it again and you are more likely to take it off after eating Thanksgiving dinner. lol




I also wanted to put together some outfit ideas for you to wear this Thanksgiving or any day this season. You can look through the list down below, and it will take you to the item you fell in love with. If you don't see it on the list below, I have numbered all items down below where you can click on the name, and it should take you to your final destination. All Items listed below are under $100 except the gray booties (12), I just couldn't pass the opportunity to share them with you. But if you can't get them for this Thanksgiving, they will make a perfect Christmas gift.



So this is it for this post guys. I hope you enjoyed reading it and hope I helped you find your Thanksgiving look this season, I will definitely be getting the green emerald dress, the picture doesn't make it justice, but it's GORGEOUS, and the details in the back are to die for, plus it's only $40, many reasons why to get it lol. Lastly, don't forget to add me to your socials to be able to keep up with all of my latest adventures!

Until the next one,

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