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Like Pumpkin Spice at the Pumpkin Patch


Like Pumpkin Spice at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy fall everyone, I hope everybody has been enjoying this cool weather we have been having lately here in the south. Personally, I have been loving it and believe me when I say that I really don't like the cold weather, you can ask anyone that knows me lol. However, I surely have been falling for a cool breeze enough for me to wear cute, cozy sweaters and get that warm feeling down your throat when you sip on your first cup of coffee in the AM. Isn't that just the greatest?

Anyways, so after days of studying and writing papers for Finance, I was lucky enough to go back home to see my family during Fall Break. To my surprise, my sister invited to come on a field trip with my nephew that I couldn't say no. I usually have seen people on movies go to some of these and everyone that grew up in the south has gone to one, so when my sister said "let's go to the pumpkin patch" I was ecstatic, I think my nephew might have jumped when I said, YES!

We went to Holly Springs Homestead in Mena, AR. They had a corn maze, hayrides, a pumpkin patch and a mini petting zoo. I had a great time seeing my nephew had fun and learn about all the different produce and of course seeing him experience his firsts fall adventures warmed my heart more than my coffee. Memories that wouldn't change for the world. #auntiemoment

So for this trip as it was a bit cool, I decided to go with a cute mustard cozy sweater with ruffle sleeves. I've seen this sweater all over social media that I was determined to find it online, which I did. I paired it with some dark blue skinny jeans and my latest favorite over the knee boots as I was going to be walking for a few hours.


Get the Look:

Sweater: Romwe Boots: ShopHopes Use code: Sasha10 for 10% off of any purchase Jeans: TJMaxx Sunglasses: Shadyveu



So this is it for this post guys, have you ever gone to a pumpkin patch? What have been your favorite memories? Please share down below! Also if you haven't yet, don't forget to get social and add me to your gram @sashazavala and follow me (if you want) on Facebook at The Daily Sash to keep in the loop for my latest adventures.

Stay true!


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