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Happy 23 Things About Me


Happy 23rd Birthday to Me!

Welcome back to The Daily Sash, and if you're new, I hope you enjoy your first visit. Today it's a very special day, and everybody that was born on a 7th of September can agree with me. Many things have changed in the past year and oh boy I can't wait to see what this new year will bring. One of the things that started a year ago was this baby blog, and since then I have been wanting to be more consistent and personal with all of my visitors, friends, and family (I know y'all are my no.1 fan). Sadly if y'all know me you usually hear that I am super busy all the time due to school, but that hasn't stopped me from blogging. So to start a new year of life and a new year here on the blog I decided to share with you guys 23 things about me that you might not know , for a chance for you to know me better and hopefully you can find a friend in me.

So let's start!


1. I was born in Mexico, in a city called Irapuato, Guanajuato. And if you are a fanatic of sweet strawberries with a touch of cultural history and vibrant colors this city and state in Mexico is for you. Guanajuato is known to be the place where Mexican independence happened, and every year there’s an international festival for the arts.

2. I moved to the United States when I was only thirteen years old, and I didn’t know English whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, growing up I always had English classes, so I knew the basics like the colors, animals, etc. but I didn’t know how to REALLY communicate. I learned English by myself when I moved here, It was a bit hard as I have always been a very extrovert and friendly person, but because I couldn’t communicate I couldn’t be myself.

3. One of my favorite styles of music is Classical music. I enjoy listening to anything that has strings and of course piano.

4. I grew up playing the violin, piano, and guitar. I was in Ballet, Folklore, Jazz, and Contemporary dance classes. I should have gone to Juilliard… Jk, I wasn’t that good.

5. I am bilingual, and currently I am learning my third language, French.

6. One of my dreams, of course, is to go to France and have breakfast while looking at the Eiffel Tower from the window of my hotel room. I know I know I’m Basic… But what is there not to love about it? Wine and Bagels, best combination ever!

7. Arabic culture is one of my favorite’s cultures in the world, the music, architecture, food, and even the language is just beautiful and of course I love the makeup skills that come with it.

8. I am also a belly dancer… I felt in love with it when my parents showed me their video of their Mediterranean vacation. After that, I told my mom that I wanted to learn how to dance and we found a teacher who she taught me for two years.

9. I graduated with a Marketing degree from Henderson State University in the state of Arkansas, and currently I am in the process of obtaining my Masters in Business Administration. I am passionate about SEO and anything that comes with social media, reason why I wanted to start this blog from the beginning.

10. I have always had long hair, all the way to my lower back. The only time I have cut it “short” was when I was like 5 years old, and my older sister tricked me by telling me that she had cut her hair when she had a hair clip in that made it look shot. So the little sister in me that wanted to be like her got jealous, and I took matters into my own hands, I took some scissors walked to the backyard and cut one of my long pig tails in half. My mom wasn’t too happy, to say the least. Lol

11. My favorite color is actually white; I love the peaceful and clean vibe that it gives. But I also love gold tones and of course pink.

12. One of my favorite hobbies is to sing, although I don’t think I can sign a record level I am sure I can put a baby to sleep. So when you don’t find me studying, working or blogging you can definitely find me jamming to some Disney tunes, Adele, Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, Beyoncé, and Sia.

13. It is no secret that I am a die-hard Disney fan. I visited Disneyland in California for the first time when I was like 7 or 8 years old, and I was just able to go to Disney World for the first time last spring, it’s an entirely different world and if I could, I would just move there.

14. Many people have told me I can cosplay for Princess Jasmine (my favorite princess), Pocahontas or the new princess Elena of Avalor. So Disney this is your opportunity I am all available!

15. One of my big obsessions is to have my nails done. I love to paint my nails and love soft, warm colors especially ballet slippers pink and violet. I think having your nails done makes you feel and look more feminine and for that reason I do mine.

16. Okay call me weird, but I'm actually not a big fan of chocolate. I know I know I'm not human but the reason is that when I was growing up my mom would never let us have it especially during my teenage years as the oil would make my skin breakout, so I never developed a big like for it. Once in awhile, I do treat myself to a piece or two but it's rare.

17. I would have to say that my parents are my number one role models. They are the stronger and most hardworking human beings in the world. My mom is so smart and beautiful, and my dad is the most independent and perseverant person I know. If I could be half of who they are I would be a hell of a human, I would be a super human!

18. I am a foodie. I love everything! From pasta to meats, to veggies to sea creatures. As long as it has a good flavor, I’ll eat it! I should have my own food show. Food Network hit me up!

19. I love Christmas… I repeat I love Christmas! Everything that comes with it from warm cozy outfits, from snow to Christmas trees and candy canes. EVERYTHING!

20. I declared myself with Oenophilia, and if you don’t know what that is, we cannot drink together. Just kidding but yes, I love wine, vino, du vin, vin, vi! I actually told myself that I wanted to learn how to make my own wine. Taking any tips now!

21. Something that you will always see me wear is a ring my mom gave me when I finished college. It’s one of my most cherished possessions, and I never take it off.

22. I have only had two real boyfriends throughout my short life. Some are even surprised when I tell them that, but it’s true. It is important for young girls to find a person who will treat them right and will love them and cherish them. And right now I am very happy with my boo.

23. And finally, I believe in the power of being happy! The small things are the ones that count and when something doesn’t work out, fix your ponytail and try again!


I hope you guys enjoyed this quick read and you got to learn a little bit more about myself. Meanwhile I'm going to celebrate with my friends and family and enjoy this sweet moment. I heard 23 is a year of changes, so stay tuned for even more lovely posts and hope yall have a great day! If you're a September baby, comment below. Lastly, don’t forget to stay in touch via social media at @sashazavala on the gram and The Daily Sash on Facebook.

Love yall and stay true!

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