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Oh Baby It's Cold Outside ft. Necessary Clothing


First day of winter and oh baby yes indeed it's cold! Here in Arkansas weather is something no one can't predict, one day we can have 80-degree weather, and the next we are under a blizzard. (And no, I am not exaggerating!). So as I write this post (15* outside), I'm finally able to curl up on the couch and relax as I am FREE of school and I am HOME for the Holidays. So let's cheer for being done with my first semester of GRAD school and kick on the festivities by drinking hot cocoa while I seat admiring the Christmas tree and writing to you guys.

As school has taken half of my life and body and everything in my bank account, I still wanted to look for chic outfit ideas for the most WONDERFUL time of the year, without spending too much (because we all know Christmas REALLY is the most wonderful time, for retailers jk lol).

I got my hands on this Necessary Clothing turquoise green dress thanks to my best friend, Victoria. This dress is the definition of sexy Christmas; it has a build on choker necklace that adds to the trendy style going on right now and also helps you enhance features such as your collarbone and shoulders. The dress material is also very slick and stretchy, comfortable enough to help you out after those celebratory toasts "Champagne!".

And can we talk about that opening on the leg? "Hotz Smokes." Good thing I decided to pair it up with this fluffy coat, I found in my sister's closet. This soft rose coat is the best friend for this dress as both colors, green and pink, contrast together beautifully, creating the perfectly Christmas ilusión. Lastly, to complete the look I opted to go with one of my favorite strappy heels. Which enhance the features of your legs and the height of the heel is comfortable enough for you to dance all night long!

Share your Holiday outfits with me @sashazavala and The Daily Sash on Facebook, don't be shy and let's get social so we can become friends and I can bother you all the time lol. Till the next one, and Merry Christmas ya'll!

PC 📷:@Zavala4612

Location: Rich Mountain, Mena AR

Similar Coat: Rue 21

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