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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner


Welcome back loves!

Two weeks into grad school already, can you believe that? Time goes by so fast, but before we go further into this semester, and we can start enjoying everything "Fall" related, we need to take some time and prep ourselves to receive this season with open arms. Who's ready for football games, bonfires and daily trips to coffee shops? Me!

As a lover of makeup I use makeup brushes and beauty blenders on a daily basis, even twice a day sometimes. Professionals say to clean/wash each tool after every use, but let's be honest who has time for that? This is why today I bring you my DIY makeup brush cleaner. It's super easy to make, accessible and the procedure last about 10 minutes.

You'll need: 1. Dish Soap/Baby Shampoo 2. Organic Olive Oil 3. Water

4. Rubber Face Pad

5. Hand Paper Towels


Let's begin!

Before I start the procedure, I make sure I have a drying towel nearby, and all dirty makeup brushes are lined in place for me to wash. Once that is taken care of, you can now mix all 3 ingredients (water, soap & olive oil) together in a bowl, make sure to mix them well before you can start submerging your brushes into the mixture. Give your brushes some circular movements around the bowl and shake it well so all makeup residue falls into the water.

I usually start with all the big brushes that way they absorb the strength of the ingredients. Once they are all soak, I move to the rubber face pad (I got this pad from my 360 L'oreal Face Cleanser but you can also get the same pad at Sephora ) to take all the makeup residue that the mixture didn't take. You'll notice that your brushes are ready to rinse once you start seeing white foam coming out. Rinse your brush with warm water, squish the extra water out, shape them and put them on the towel to dry.

I do the same thing with every brush that needs washing, always starting from the big ones to the small ones like i mentioned above. Once you are all done and your brushes have enough time to dry they will look and be just as new.

As an extra and final step, you can also spray some rubbing alcohol on them to sanitize them; I rarely do this, but you can't ever go wrong with rubbing alcohol. The cleaner, the better, right? lol


Beauty Blender Instructions

For beauty blender I use the same DIY cleaner for my beauty blenders (olive oil + dish soap + water). The procedure to the beauty blenders is a bit different due to them taking them longer to absorb the ingredients, so I usually let them soak for about 30 minutes to an hour. Once they are all soaked and huge, I just rinse them out with warm water.

Squish and let the water soak in and out, you'll see that all makeup residue fall right out. Do this 3 times till you don't see any more makeup in the water or sponge.

And that's it, super fast and easy! Now you can go have fun with your friends this fall looking all beautiful and fresh thanks to your clean brushes! And why is that I am so excited about having clean brushes? Well, is because using the same dirty brushes every day/weeks can cause acne, there is so much bacteria, grease and flemish that gets stuck in all you favorite brushes every time you use them that with every use you keep adding and adding more and more, so we definitely don't want to have any of those shenanigans this season, am I right?

Also, don't forget to use a moisturizer, with cold weather coming it's hard to keep your face properly hydrated so always carry your fav moisturizer everywhere you go and use it before you put your makeup on, believe me your skin will definitely thank you in the long run.

I hope you enjoy this quick read, don't forget to get social and follow me on soci the gram @sashazavala and The Daily Sash on Facebook to keep up with my latest adventures. Till the next time!


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