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Buying Diamonds with Dallas Based Pratiksha Jewelry


Hello ladies! Yes, I say ladies because this blog post is dedicated to all for you. So listen, "YOU DON'T NEED A MAN TO BUY YOU DIAMONDS... and Pratiksha Jewelry is here to explain to you why.

We all know that diamonds are girls best friends, how could you not love them. Yet, we know that they are NOT cheap, and we as women are always waiting for our boyfriends, husbands, and lovers to buy us THAT special piece that we will carry on for days, even YEARS. But let's be honest, men don't care about jewelry... so why we should leave it up to them to choose what we wear?

Yet, even though we love fine jewelry, we hate going to a jewelry store because the shopping experience is not the best. One, we hate that we can't touch the pieces. Second, we are actually scared to go to the jeweler and ask them to see the piece. Third, you always feel like you are being watched at all times. And fourth, they are not cheap... because they always have crazy markup prices!

So, what if there was a place where all of the mentioned above would to not even exist. A place where women can go touch, get educated, and experience fine jewelry? Without the HIGH markup prices... Yes, it does exist and is located in Dallas, TX.

Founded in 2015 by Tisha Vaidya, Pratiksha Jewelry is here to fulfill the needs of today's woman. Whether you're presenting to a client, running errands, or at a special occasion, Pratiksha Jewelry has the perfect look for you. Invest in yourself and treat yourself with their collection of classic, regal, and on-trend fashion jewelry, all with their uniquely feminine yet adventurous charm that makes it worthy of the Pratiksha woman.

And if you are ever worried about knowing where your jewelry comes from. You should know that Pratiksha Jewelry is an Ethical sourcing company as they have worked with diamond and gemstone suppliers for over 40 years, ensuring that their materials are sourced from reputable, conflict-free suppliers. They value the integrity of the stones they use and every hand that touches them.

They also maintain responsible labor practices, uses recycled gold, reduces carbon footprint, overhead costs, environmental degradation, and the most incredible of all, they partner with organizations benefiting women in need.

Here are the organizations they partner with:

Technology Ball: supporting women in STEM

Aware Affair: supporting Alzheimer's Research

Myna Mahila Foundation: Indian organization which empowers women to have access to employment and discuss feminine hygiene

Slipper Club: Network for professional women in Dallas

Ally's Wish: benefitting terminally ill mother's with young children

If all of this doesn't make you want to book your appointment to come to check Pratiksha Jewelry, I don't know what will. You can also shop online at, and as Ms. Tisha said: "You've upgraded your wardrobe, your handbags, and your shoes – now it's time for jewelry."

Follow them on social media for the latest styles: @pratikshajewelry. And stay connected with me at @sashazavala on Instagram and The Daily Sash on Facebook. Comment down below which piece was your favorite and what you thought of the video.



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