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Top 10 Things to Do in Memphis, TN

Hello babies, I am finally catching on some free time for the summer and I'm so glad that I'm getting to write this quick guide to one of the most moving and picturesque cities in the United States, Memphis Tennessee. If you've never been to Memphis, there are two things you need to know, one is Rock n Roll, and the other one is food.

I've got a chance to visit Memphis during a weekend getaway with some of my gals a couple of weeks ago, and for a first timer, I had to make sure I knew every local favorite before arriving, of course. I did some research on what the city had to offer but little did I know that during this trip I was going to be finding gems of my own that made this trip one to remember. So make sure you take your best gals and a pair of dancing shoes with you the next time you plan to spend a weekend in Memphis.

Here are my 10 top things to do while in Memphis, Let's jump on it!

1. Stay the night at The Peabody Hotel

The Peabody is a landmark to the city of Memphis, and it's not just because of its beautiful architecture and history; which is one to admire, but it has become the home to the famous North American mallard ducks, since 1930. The ducks who live on the rooftop of the hotel, are now the living symbol of the Peabody brand and they take a daily trip, from the roof to the lobby’s fountain.

Tip: If you would like to see them take a stroll to the fountain make sure to be there at 11:00 am and at 5:00 pm before they go home for the night.


2. Have Mimosas Non-Stop at Automatic Slims

If you got hungry while waiting for the ducks to make a stroll down the lobby, you could definitely check Automatic Slims for breakfast or lunch as it's just across the street from The Peabody. Automatic Slims is known for its extensive Martini menus and their famous Mimosa tower, something that you will only find at Automatic Slims. They specialize in American cuisine with a southern flare and along with their unique decor and hand carved bar you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Tip: They open at 11:00 am Monday - Friday and at 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday, perfect for brunch.


3. Dance your way to The Music Hall of Fame

I bet Automatic Slim’s left you satisfied, but now what to do? You should definitely walk or better dance your way to The Memphis Music Hall of Fame which is just down the street from Automatic Slims. If you are a music lover and love everything Rock n Roll, Blues and Jazz this is the best way to learn about the background of all of these music genres. Today, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame honors many of the greatest musicians of all time, who created this city’s musical legacy and who shook our planet to the core!


4. Visit Elvis favorite hangout for Lunch "The Arcade Restaurant."

The Arcade is Memphis oldest cafe, it was built in 1919 by Speros Zepatos, and it says to be one of Elvis’s favorite places to visit back in the day (he even had a favorite booth). The Arcade serves breakfast, lunch, daily specials and delicious pizzas and drinks. And if you are a fan of everything retro, this is where you want to go as their decor will take you back in time. Lastly, if you are a movie fan, The Arcade has been featured in many films, some of them being: Mystery Train, Great Balls of Fire, The Client, The Firm, Elizabethtown and more.


5. Stand by the ones who stand for you at the National Civil Rights Museum

The good thing about visiting the Arcade is that is just steps away from the National Civil Rights Museum an establishment that you can not miss if you're visiting the city. This place will feel you up with many emotions as it shows you the Memphis where Martin Luther King Jr. lived. Now if you know a little bit of history, this building used to be a motel, the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. This building now serves as a museum to educate people on civil rights by showing movements throughout history.

Tip: If you are just passing by Memphis and you can't spend that much time in the city you should definitely check this museum as it's the core of the city.


6. Take a stroll or a ferry ride on Beale St Landing at sunset.

Before you head back to the hotel to get ready for a night of fun and dancing, make sure you stop by the Beale St Landing on your way there. This beauty won't disappoint you as it's located next to the Mississippi River with beautiful views of both Memphis bridges and a fantastic sunset. This is one of Memphis finest recreation areas; people can go there and walk, drink, eat, exercise and even take a riverboat down the Mississippi. Definitely a picture perfect occasion.


7. Beale Street & Blues

Now that you have your sunset for your records, it's time to head down to Beale Street and have some fun! Beale Street is one of the few areas in the United States where you can walk around with your drink in your hand. So visit one of the bars downtown grab a beer and stroll down the street. You will notice that every bar has a different vibe to them all unique and all with different music types, from blues to jazz to rock n roll to your top 40’s. Never a dull moment in Beale St.


8. Breakfast at Tamp & Tap

If you had way too much fun and the only thing you want to do the next morning is to eat an elephant (jk, don't eat elephants, elephants are friends) head over to Tamp & Tap. Tamp & Tap is the first restaurant to offer gourmet coffee, gourmet food and the best local craft beers on tap that you'll find anywhere in Memphis. No matter the time you find yourself going to Tamp & Tap you are more likely to find something to satisfy your buds.


9. Graceland Baby

As the world's best music attraction, Graceland should be in your plans when visiting Memphis. Graceland has captivated many of its visitors for many years always innovating and bringing the best of the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley. Graceland offers many packages to give you the best experience to the world of the King, such as Mansion Tours, Airplanes Tours, and Exclusive VIP exhibits. Some of the packages also include stays at the Guest House” Graceland’s very own hotel.


10. Lunch on top of the World at the Bass Pro Pyramid

And finally, you can't leave Memphis without visiting the brand new renovated Bass Pro Shop Pyramid. The pyramid is more than just an outdoor shop; it has something to offer for everybody in the family. As one of the largest retail stores in the world, this pyramid has entertainment non stop; you can enjoy of restaurants, a bowling alley, games all around the store, aquariums and their very own 28-story freestanding glass elevator. This elevator is an experience itself as it takes you to stand on glass-floored observation decks that will leave you breathless with the amazing views of the city and the Mississippi River. The Pyramid also offers a bar/restaurant on top on the decks with one of a kind decor that you'll wish you could stay there all day. But if that is your wish the pyramid also has a Hotel “Big Cypress Lodge” perfect for a stay at the pyramid with its 103 rustic rooms and tree-house cabins inspired by vintage duck hunting camps.

Tip: Don't wear hats on the deck, you are more likely to lose them to the wind... (Mine is now stuck at the Bass Pro Sign).


So this is it guys, I hope you enjoyed this quick Memphis travel guide. I can assure you that if you end up visiting at least 5 of these spots you are more likely to have a great time, please like this post and share it with your best gals hopefully you end up on your very own Memphis adventure. Make sure to follow me at @sashazavala and The Daily Sash on Facebook to keep up with the new adventures and to tag me on your Memphis getaway!

Till the next one!

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