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"The Amazon Blogger Babe Christmas List"

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to The Daily Sash, if you are reading this you are more likely looking for some gift ideas for this Christmas. I have put together three different lists this year, which I completely believe they can help...

September 24, 2018


Hey, ya'll! Welcome back to another blog post, a while ago I did an Instagram poll asking if you would be interested in knowing more about my skin care routine. This came up after you guys saw my quick tutorial on how to create a DIY aloe vera facial mask f...

A Road Trip Down To Texas Tulips

In the middle of nowhere in the state of Texas (literally nowhere, no kidding) there is a family business that has brought so much joy (and instagramable moments) to hundreds if not millions of people every year since they established th...

Valentine's Day Gift Guides for 


If you are a close friend or have been following me on my daily life on @sashazavala, you know that last year I unexpectedly found one of my biggest supporters and the one that has made me smile for almost a year, every sin...

2017 Reflections + 2018 Goals

Y'all, y'all, y'all! Welcome to a new year, 2018. To start, I've got to say that it was a bit hard to actually sit here and write to you guys which is why I am a bit late on this post but the year is just starting so there's still some time...

Pampering Myself with Fizzed Off Bath Bombs

After a few busy weeks due to the holidays, it is time to finally breathe and take some time to relax after all the shopping, road trips, Christmas, and celebrations. And although don't get me wrong I love Christmas, we all kn...

Carbon Coco - Activated Charcoal Whitening Treatment

Welcome back guys! If you read my 2017 New Year Resolution Post, you know that I made a commitment to myself to actually take care of my dental health this year. And so far I have to say that I am quite proud of mysel...

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

[ 33 Gift Ideas For Her ]

Can you believe we are only four weeks away from Christmas? I definitely can not. This year has gone by so fast and has brought so many good things that I wouldn't trade them for anything. One of those th...

Holidays with Jord

Happy Holidays Everyone! It's that time of year again, and I really hoped you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, fantastic food, lots of graces and of course, the Lord. Like most people, this season is my favorite time of year, becaus...

My Journey with Smile Direct Club  - Part 2 - First Impression

Hello guys so as some of you might know I decided to go on a journey to a better, healthier and brighter smile with Smile Direct Club (SDC), and if you haven’t heard of them or the only thing you’v...

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