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Pampering Myself with Fizzed Off Bath Bombs


Pampering Myself with Fizzed Off Bath Bombs

After a few busy weeks due to the holidays, it is time to finally breathe and take some time to relax after all the shopping, road trips, Christmas, and celebrations. And although don't get me wrong I love Christmas, we all know that this is a very exhausting time of the year, so we need to also take some time and remember to take care and pamper ourselves because we all survived another Christmas (Good Job Santa!) and 2018 awaits.

So one of my favorite ways to relax is to take long hot baths (I read that you can also burn calories while at it). I love to get Epsom Salts, turn up some music and fizzed off some bath bombs in the tub. Of course, a glass of wine and a good book is always welcome. And although you might say, “I don't even have time to take a normal shower”, I completely understand because I don't usually get to do it either due to my busy schedule at school, but I do try to take at least 30 mins to enjoy myself because that's all it takes. And we all need a mini girls day once in a while.

So a few weeks ago while wondering on Instagram, I was so lucky to find an Arkansas based bath bomb company, Fizzed Off Bath Bombs in Conway. They had just finished a patch of snickerdoodle bath bombs which if you know me, you know that I LOVE snickerdoodle, so I followed them. Out of my surprise Amber the owner of Fizzed Off Bath Bombs contacted me and decided to send me not only the snickerdoodle bath bomb, but she was so kind also to send me, even more, goodies to try.


She sent me her starter pack which came with:

2 Bath Bombs - Snickerdoodle (My favorite) & Love Spell (Diamond Encrusted)

1 Body Lotion - Caramel Apple

1 Whipped Soap - Tidal Wave Whip

1 Bath Soak - Eucalyptus Spearmint


There is only one word to describe Amber’s products, and that is DELIGHTFUL. Everything in her package was so fantastic, the smell of every single one of her products would fill you up with peace and serenity as soon as you smelled them. And out of all the products she sent me I would have to say that the Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Soak was my favorite as Eucalyptus is known to be a relaxing fragrance and it smells just like one of my favorites from Bath and Body Works.

To try her products and get my "Me" time, I started with adding the bath soak with the diamond-encrusted bath bomb, plus I added a little bit of bubble bath soap. It was so fun to see how the diamond was being released and the aroma of both (bath soak and bath bomb) was the perfect combination for relaxation. In the middle of my bath, I also used the Whipped Soap to complement my bath; this one makes you believe that you are at the beach with Pina Coladas on your hand and that my friend is magic lol. To finalize my relaxing bath, I used the Caramel Apple body lotion to smooth and nutrient my skin as my pores were still open due to the hot bath. The final result was a soft and hydrated skin with a soothing aroma. After that, I went straight to bed.



Visit Fizzed Off Bath Bombs for all your bath needs, especially if you need a little “Me” time after all of the holidays believe me you won't be disappointed. You can find Amber on Facebook or call and email her! I hope you enjoyed this quick post and now you wish to pamper yourself. Remember that we all need some pampering, and we all deserve a mini girls day in the tub.

(501) 514 - 4313

Love ya'll and see you in 2018!

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