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Rodan + Fields Mini Facial Review


I'm sure you've heard about the new trendy skin care Rodan + Fields, the one that works wonders and its owner of the secrets to long beautiful eyelashes, and younger flawless skin. It sounds like a dream doesn't it? If you haven't heard of them, I'll tell you a quick background on the company.

I'm sure you've heard of Proactiv, the 3 step acne treatment that has helped millions of teenagers and adults with their acne prone skin. Well, Rodan + Fields is the upscale and luxurious sister brand that takes over the creator's last names, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. The brand was established after the success of Proactiv in 2002, bringing to business not only one skin regimen like Proactiv but four beauty regimens. Redefine for the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness. Reverse for the full range of skin discoloration concerns - from dullness to stubborn dark marks and age spots. Unblemish for acne and Soothe for sensitive skin that can help calm dry, sensitive skin and reduce visible redness. Wonders right!

Note: So before I proceed with my review, I would like to say that I am not a R+F ambassador or consultant nor I have been paid to write about them, this review is entirely personal and honest. So let's start!


About three weeks ago one of my old sorority sisters contacted me via social media, we got to catch up and ask each other about our lives, and such you know how that goes. One of the conversations we had was about my blog and my beauty regimen. She wanted to know if I used any skin care products which I told her that most of my products come from either Ipsy, the drug store or natural DIY like you guys might already know due to the blog.

She told me that she was starting as a consultant for R+F as a way to gain experience in the sales world which I totally phrase her for. She convinced me to try a mini facial which it arrived with a cute little note from her a couple of days later. She sent me two Redefine facials composed of the Daily Cleansing Mask, a Night Renewing Serum and a Lip Renewing Serum. I figured she sent two to at least have the opportunity to try it twice during the week, but surprisingly each little package came with enough product to last two days, so I was able to try it for almost a week which it was good.

I got to say that the Daily Cleansing Mask was my favorite, you guys know that I am a sucker for a good facial mask and this one made me fall in love with it as it had an incredible aroma. So it wasn't only nice to know that I was giving my face a facial but the smell helped a lot to feel like if I was at the spa, I just needed to light up some candles, which I totally recommend.

After rinsing and exfoliating my face with the mask, the two serums were the complement that my skin needed. Like I mentioned there is enough product for two days, so you don't need to apply all of it to your face, little is just enough with these two serums, especially the lip serum which will make your lips feel in the clouds.

I specifically chose to use the facials after my recent trip to New Orleans, which helped hydrate and brighten my skin after a whole week of adventure and traveling. So although I didn't see much change on the whole "reduction of visible signs of aging" due to the four days I only got to use the products, I sincerely would recommend these products. However, the price is just a bit out of the college girl budget, the retail price for the Redefine regimen starts at $199.00, but you can always try to become a consultant and make some extra money that way.


Are you using or have used the Rodan + fields products before? What you think of them, do you like them? Also, if you would like to try them I can set you up with my friend, I know she would love to tell you all about it. So this is it for today, I hope you enjoyed this quick R+F review, let me know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to the get social @sashazavala on the gram and The Daily Sash on Facebook.

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