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Très Jolie - March IPSY Glam Bag Review

Bonjour, Mes Petits! A new month is entering and with that, it means a new Ipsy Glam Bag is on its way, but before that can happen, it's time to review my 5 beauty products for the month of March. If you read my previous review, you know that I was super excited to receive this month's Glam Bag; and how could I not with how beautiful the design of this bag is. This month's theme it's all about feeling beautiful and encouraging other women (and men) to feel beautiful as well, the "Pass It On" movement. Personally, that speaks to me on so many levels as it amazes me how many people I encounter every day, especially girls, that don't have the enough self-esteem and confidence they should when they are clearly the most beautiful persons I've ever seen.

Childhood Story: When I was in elementary school I remembered being bullied by these two girls that called me "Chacha" just because I had long hair, tan skin, and I didn't wear makeup, I was 11 or 12 at the time (awkward phase). Luckily I grew up in a household where beauty was seen in many ways, not just in appearances. Back in Mexico, my schedule was filled with dance, music and art classes which made me focus on other things other than how I look in someone else's eyes, or boys in that matter. Thankfully I always had friends who loved me and supported me throughout that phase of my life, and when it was time for me to experience with makeup, my mom was there to help me out with the liquid eyeliner and the fake eyelashes. As the diva that she is (S/O to Mom, because without you I don't know where I would be, I'd like to think I turn out pretty good haha).

Makeup can be a way to change someone's perspective in a positive way; it allows you to be creative, spontaneous and fun. It brings the best in you and overall it makes you feel Beautiful. With makeup you can be anyone you want to be, you can be sweet, bold, soft or wild, you are the one who decides. So when the Ipsy "Pass It On" movement with a French flare came up this month, I was totally in not only by the Glam Bag design but what it actually meant, so I wanted to encourage you always to help other women feel beautiful, not only by helping them out with their makeup skills (just like Ipsy does) but by encouraging them to love themselves first, because everything starts on the inside.

Check out this quick 4 ways to feel beautiful by the Ipsy creators. Believe me that this is what every girl needs when in need of a pick me up, so bring the champagne and let's roll with the review!

This Month on Ipsy:

I've received hair treatments from Ipsy before, and I've really enjoyed them, they always make my hair soft when it most needs it. This month I received the OUAI hair treatment by Jen Adkin, this is a new hair product line that is just debuting so there are not a lot of reviews about it. The masque came in a sample size container that it was big enough to have two showers worth of product in (long hair problems). This masque supposed to help you with your damage hair and show you results right away, it should leave your hair smooth, and soft, but sadly my experience with it the first time went the other way. After I washed my hair, I used the masque and waited about 10 mins for it to do its magic, but once I let my hair air dry my hair felt really dry, which made me had my doubts about the product. I decided to give it a second chance during the week, and definitely, my dry hair was a reaction to a new product, on my second try my hair was definitely softer, so it was a matter of getting used to and of course the. More you use it the better. So overall it wasn't too bad of a product, the treatment masque is not sold separate as a sample size, but it comes in a set for $32 and a repair kit for $25



Personally, I am a big fan of warm colors especially pink. When I opened my Glam Bag and saw this eyeshadow, I was so excited to use it because the color it's just beautiful. The formula of the eyeshadow is so pigmented that you don't need that much product, it goes smoothly against your skin, and you can also use it as a highlighter for the top of your cheekbones. I know you might think I have an obsession with highlighters but it's just the true lol. Overall, I am really pleased with this product especially for the price and sample size that I received. You totally should check them out.


First, I have to confess my love for Burt's Bees products; I think they are magnificent. If you don't know anything about them, this is a company whose products are 100% percent natural, and the packaging is recyclable which is super important for you and the environment (global warming is real!). I got this lipstick in the shade "Suede Splash" which is a soft brown/pink color which when in use it has a smooth satin finish. This lipstick is all about hydration as it contains various oils such as moringa and raspberry seed oil, which helps with a day full of kissing. Overall, this profit it's fantastic, and you can get it in many other shades, the product size it's great, and the best thing of all is that you'll never have dry lips!


Oh, La La! Let me tell y'all about this beauty, if I would to chose a favorite product from this month's Glam Bag, this Peach Blush would have to be it. The color of this baby is beautiful that you want to put it all over your body, not even kidding. But there is a reason why this baby is so good, and that is because it works like a highlighter and eyeshadow people! I fell in love with this Blush right away that I wished I had a whole pallet full of them. My only complaint about this product would be the packaging it comes in, sadly the container doesn't secure the product very well, and in a careless incident of mine it fell off the package, and you can imagine what happened to it. So be careful when you open this baby.


Yes, I know what you're thinking, and yes this product actually has snail secretion. I know it sounds weird and a bit gross but let me tell you about this product. First off, it comes in a gorgeous little snail container, which right away lets you forget about this cream having anything to do with snail secretion. But the container is not what we are going to focus here; the cream is worth more than the price is valued at. This little buddy it's amazing! Some of you know that I suffer from acne caused by stress due to school, well thanks to this I've had some marks on my face from previous zits, I used this cream for a whole week as a moisturizer, and it has done miracles to my skin! It has provided hydration, elasticity and overall it has helped me get rid of those marks on my face. Sadly the Ipsy version is just a sample travel size, but the company does have a larger version of the cream for $22. Definitely worth the investment.


So this is it loves! I hope you enjoyed my review for the month of March and if you are already an Ipsy subscriber let me know what were your favorite products this month, and if you're not a subscriber yet you can sign up here.

I hope you all have a wonderful beginning of the month and wish y'all all the luck in your studies and daily life #onemonthleftofschool.

Don't forget to follow me at @sashazavala and The Daily Sash on Facebook to keep up with all the latest adventures.

Love y'all, and till the next one!

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